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Improve your self-image with this inspirational guide to finding your path in life and creating lasting change through these practical steps.

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— Stacey M. (5 Star) (Reviewed in the United States)

“I absolutely LOVED this book!! The author nailed it! I wish I would have read this book many many years ago! It’s a MUST ready for personal growth & development!! Thank you for sharing your heart, insights & wisdom in this extraordinary book!”

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— Bruce (United States )

“My takeaway is that this is a serious, but interesting and easy to read book for those who may be troubled and are searching for answers to the question "How in the world did I end up here?". The author recounts parts of his own journey from a troubled childhood to the present day and discusses original ideas that look at the psyche of the "how and why" to this question. ”

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When you discover how to move on from the past, you can accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. You Matter teaches you how to build relationships and find compassion—for yourself and for others. A better life is possible. And you deserve it.

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